Innovative, Inspirational, & Passionate Hip-Hop at it's Finest.


VERSE*ALL is a Producer, Lyricist, and a Hip-Hop Edu-Tainer who has worked with artist such as: C-Rayz Walz, Ecko-Trip, Rabbi Darkside, Multiple Man, Eazy Beatz, Haze God, DC Da Champ, Core Rhythm, and etc.
Born & raised in the South Bronx (The birth place of Hip-Hop), V*A was exsposed to all of the original elements of hip-hop in its purest form. At the age of 15, V*A began writting lyrics and went by the name K.V (His initials) and then later switched his name to Mood Swinga.
In the early part of the 90's, V*A started producing and recording demos. Record labels such as: Rowdy, Warner Bros., and East West were interested in signing V*A but instinct and loyalty to his rap partner whom at that time had been sentenced to 5 years in prison kept V*A from making a commitment to any of these record companies.
In 1997 V*A formed a new group and was offered a record deal with Island Records but this deal would eventially fall through due to a merger with DEF Jam Records. In that same year, V*A started hearing a buzz that a group was making waves on the streets by the name of the Moodswingaz so V*A switched his name once again. VERSE*ALL emeged from the list of Possible names to choose from and it made sense because to V*A, it summarised everything that V*A stood for.
In 1999, V*A moved to the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area and within a few months, began performing at open mics and headlining shows throughout the area. V*A also helped to form a new group. Culture Cypha, was the name of the group and consisted of Enoch 7th Prophet, & Under Dog the DJ. C. Cypha independently recorded and distributed their own CD's entitled: Aztect Planet, & Translation which both are considered by critiques as being ahead of its time.
By 2006, V*A moved back home to New York City and started working with other artist, building a stronger fan-base, & producing more. V*A is currently working on new solo projects that he's planning to release very soon.


C-Rayz Walz 2009: Who The F!@k Are You (Production)

Core Rhythm TBA: Alter Destiny (Production)

Rabbi Darkside 2008: Building The Better Bomb (Production)

Shambahla 2008: The RETURN OF THE SILENT DRAGONS (Production)

VERSE*ALL TBA: beautiful NOISE (Production/ Lyrics)

VERSE*ALL 2006: UNI.VERSE*ALL Language (Production/ Lyrics)

Multiple Man 2005: The Multiplexxx (Production)

Culture Cypha 2005: Translation (Production/ Lyrics)

Unknown the universal element 2005: The Man of Tomorrow (Lyrics)

Haze God 2004: Senior Diciple (Production)

Culture Cypha 2003: Aztec Planet (Production/ Lyrics)

Forbidden 1996: Murder in The Basement (Production/ Lyrics)