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"I'm a Producer. Not a Rapper!"

My name might confuse most people, but I do have deep roots in the rapping field... I started my musical quest in the 90's when rap music was gaining traction with a larger audience abroad. I, along with a few friends formed a group and started making our name in local talent shows and open mics throughout New York City. We couldn't afford to hire a producer or buy equipment, so I looped drums and samples with a Casio SK-5 Keyboard and also wrote lyrics to record over the tracks. As time progressed, I moved away from the SK-5 and was sampling with my Sony Playstation Console. Yes, the Sony Playstation had a program called the MTV Music Generator that allowed you to make beats using CDs and utilizing the programs drums and stock sounds. Eventually, I moved away from the Sony Playstation and learned how to record digitally using the software programs Cakewalk and Fruity Loops.  In recent years I've moved on from FL Studio and now using the Akai MPC hardware and Presonus Studio One 6.5 Professional. I also use the Akai MPK49, and the Akai 25 Mini Midi Keyboards for triggering notes. As a producer, I have worked mostly with local underground artist such as C-Rayz Walz, Rabbi Darkside, Multiple Man, Mtume Gant, Tony Stanz, Enoch 7th Prophet, Last Measure and Elsie Law,  but I have also worked with artist internationally such as Echotrip and EazyBeatz. 
I am looking to work with local and international artist that are serious about their art and are professional always. If that is you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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